“You saw me take my first breath…”

My parents have been my role models, my rocks, my greatest advocates and my teachers and cheerleaders – since the day I was born.  Thanks to their hard work and sacrifices, I grew up, spread my wings and ventured into the world to do amazing things – that they always believed I could do.

Thanks so much Mom and Dad!

As adult children, my siblings and I love and respect them – and, increasingly, we are also starting to worry about their physical and financial well-being.  Scams are on the rise (and they are getting trickier to spot, aren’t they?) and our parents can unfortunately, become victims.  I think about it – A LOT.

How about you?

1) Are you concerned that Mom or Dad are beginning to struggle with managing their finances? What should you look for…?
2) Not sure how to start having “The Talk” with them about it?
3) What about Wills and Trusts? Do they have one? Do they even need one?

These are key questions for virtually ANY loving family financial caregiver…

Whether you are currently helping Mom or Dad or you are just starting to plan ahead for when the time arrives when they will need to look to your for guidance and support.

A few weeks ago, I had the tremendous honor to share key insights and tips on this sensitive, emotional, yet vital topic in a podcast with Tenacious Living Radio Network: The podcast link can be found below…

Lorna and I covered a lot of information during our discussion, so I made an easy-to-read graphic – which covers the high points!

Click here to view the “Money Talk for Family Financial Caregivers” infographic …. with active links to other resources.

Below, you can listen to the podcast while you are reading the infographic – simply listen to the livestream by clicking the arrow on the bar.

If you would like to download the infographic as a static PDF document (without links), click here.

I really hope these resources are truly valuable to you.  I’d love to hear your comments or questions below!

To your financial peace and well-being,


P.S.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns and insights on Money Talks for family financial caregivers…

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