Dollars and Good Sense SeminarDollars and Good Sense – a Money Stewardship Seminar
based on Matthew 6:21

Riverview Community Church had the opportunity to host a financial planning seminar featuring Debbie Todd as the speaker.  Debbie brought a youthful enthusiasm to her presentation that was both passionate and inspiring.

She did a magnificent job of presenting very helpful principles of sound  financial planning from a Biblical perspective. Her humor and fun-filled approach to her teaching style made dealing with matters of finance not only exciting, but rather a joy as well.

I would highly recommend her to anyone considering her as a presenter to their church, community or group. She carries not only a great deal of experience in the field of finance but her experience is matched by an equal measure of personal integrity.

Thank you Debbie for blessing us with excellence!

Pastor Rob Neuschwander
Riverview Community Church
Kalama, Washington

BudgetWow – Am I really saying budget and fun in the same sentence? I’m excited just to see year 1!  Like you said, I need to stick to it. Good news is, each year I do, it gets better and debts go bye bye.

Closed a few store credit cards I am not using too.  Even budgeted for emergency and retirement. I think I’ll do the envelope idea for gas and grocery that method has worked well for me before.

Can’t wait to plug it in, then will move on to year 2, 3, 4 and 5 later.  Wow this is awesome. I don’t feel so dreadful and now I see hope is there, but I must stick to it!  Thanks again!

I love the arrows too and how it shows where numbers go to the next year!  I don’t know excel well enough to get that fancy. This is great, seriously great.

I want to do the debt fall off points on a separate sheet too – the “debt snowball!”  Because, as I “slay” the evil debt monsters, I will be able to add to my net income and refocus on the next bill.

So have to think about doing a thing on that on the side. Thinking of it being like a video game helps me a lot!

Melinda K.

Build your house on the rock. Luke 6-46I have known Debbie since 1992 and during this time she has been a great mentor and friend. When our finances were a mess she came alongside us and got us on track. She not only helped with our immediate budget but also with a vision for the future and how to achieve it.

With the exception of our mortgage, we are now debt free. She also helped us with our business finances and kept us from owing state and federal taxes when things got tough. I would recommend Debbie to anyone who wants to better their financial situation and secure their future.

Jim P.

Taxes and MoneyOh the tax madness!!!

I’ve always done my own taxes and felt good about that… I majored in accounting after all! BUT – the time came this year when a honest oversight left me in a serious pinch. I had JUST filed and finished my taxes and a day later found out that I’d made an honest error and didn’t know what to do.

For a moment, I panicked, and then I just KNEW who to call on! I had just met Debbie briefly online, but her name popped into my head and I remembered her strong presence and compassionate financial wisdom.

Debbie was so incredibly helpful and supportive when my mind was running in circles imagining the IRS knocking at my door any minute (I really do NOT like breaking rules – especially unintentionally!).

First, she reassured me that everything would be just fine and could be fixed. Not only did she have the confidence to set my mind at ease – but she tapped all of her resources personally and with her peers to make sure she had all the information I needed to move forward with clarity.  Debbie walked with me through finding the necessary documents to clear up what was amiss and gave me a clear plan of action to take to insure that my bases were covered.

I can’t thank Debbie enough for coming to the rescue for me! Her wealth of knowledge and expertise will put you at ease knowing that you have a calm, collected, and resourceful financial super woman on your team. Even when things get hairy, she knows how to sort them out and show you the way.

Take those accounting burdens off your back and hand them over to Debbie – you’ll be relieved you did!

Steena B.

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