Expert, Caring, Guided Help is Just 1 Step, 1 Tool, 1 Hour Away

Go From Money Stress and Overwhelm to a Peaceful, Joyous and Abundant Life…

Simple & smart money tips and tools…always right at your fingertips!

Discover Exactly How to Achieve Your Dreams…With These 4 Simple, Yet Highly Effective Tools!
Discover Practical Learning That WORKS!

Practical Learning that WORKS!

Your 1 Hour IMPACT Toolkit:

  • Tools and Programs customized to YOUR Goals
  • Live group training with Q&A sessions
    • Hands-on learning, with understandable examples
  • Progress sessions to keep you on track
  • Interactive community for support
    • You are not in this alone!
  • Money Basics to Mastermind courses


Quick IMPACT Money Lessons that MATTER!

First:  What this Section ISN’T…

This is NOT a magic pill or fairy dust to sprinkle on your money problems that will make everything just go away.

This IS quick, practical ad-hoc lessons which will be led by our resident CPA and qualified counselors:

  • Think of it as “Hot Topics” or “Current Events”
  • Could cover ANY financial area members need
  • Based on your survey responses
  • Geared toward common questions and problems in the community
  • Archive podcasts and sessions will be available in the Member’s Community


Budget – It’s Not a BAD Six-Letter Word!

A Budget is a KEY TOOL to help YOU realize your Financial Dreams!

In this ToolKit:

  • Quick lessons on budgeting for students, couples, families and businesses
  • Helpful workbooks, spreadsheets and questions
  • Hands-on, Live Sessions with Q&A
  • Monthly, Annual and Multi-Year Formats
  • Becomes the Cornerstone for the Good Strategy Modules


Long-Term Goals – Home, College, Retirement, etc…

What do YOU want to Achieve in 5- 10 or even 20 Years from Now?

Sometimes in the day-to-day hustle and craziness, we can lose sight of our dreams…

With our Guided Goals Blueprint…make those dreams a reality in 5 actionable steps!

Step 1:  Identify those Dreams

Step 2: Set an Arrival Date for Realizing each Dream

Step 3: Break it into a Bite-Sized Pieces Plan

Step 4: Develop and Implement Your Plan

Step 5: Review & Adapt as Needed to Achieve your Dreams

Get simple and smart money tips and tools…right at your fingertips!