In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins…not through strength, but through persistence.

Years ago, my amazing Grandpa Fred (read more below) taught me this wonderful life lesson: To think about money like a river…always flowing, nourishing, giving life wherever it goes…and,

Persistently shaping the path of our life along the way.Stepping stones

Imagine your money life…as a slowly flowing brook, with crystal-clear water that bubbles peacefully along its path on a sunny and warm spring day.

Gliding over soft, moss-covered pebbles as you live each day and year of your life with a deep sense of well-being.

Ah, such a feeling of warmth and peace….

The reality is that we, as individuals, as families, and as a country, are bombarded DAILY with literally hundreds of mixed messages when it comes to our money…and,

It’s easy to STUMBLE – wondering what we COULD or SHOULD NOT do with it.  

On one hand, we see commercials, listen to radio ads and talk with our friends about the wisdom of saving and MoneyBurning Tax Daybeing prepared for financial emergencies.

However, between these wise messages of prudence, we are continually tempted (and often indulge in) the sweet and gratifying goodness of countless shiny new gadgets, that cool new car, the bigger house (stressing us out), our dream vacation (maxing our credit cards), succulent, everyday dining convenience (adding to our waist size while decreasing our health)…

The “Buy NOW” list goes on and on…

Unfortunately, the results of these mixed messages are clear:  We are working harder for longer hours – while being poorer, we are stressed-out relationally and physically…all to have more stuff.  Stuff we don’t have the time…nor the energy for.

And what is “having all this stuff” getting us?

It’s getting us deeper into debt individually and as a nation, poverty levels are STILL increasing and our families are suffering dramatically as a result.  Simply put…our money river is running faster and faster, tumbling over large, jagged rocks… drowning our peace, health and prosperity with it.

Here are a few examples:

1) Our National Debt: (Source:
$19.2 Trillion (as of 6/29/16)  – Portion per citizen – $202,766Break the chains 3 with frame and name
$15.1 Trillion – Social Security Liabilities

2) Personal Debt: (Source:
$3.4 Trillion – Total consumer debt, May 2016
38.1% – households carrying some amount of credit card debt
$5,700 – average American Household Debt
$10,308 – average debt for households with low (zero or negative) net worth

3) Poverty:  (Source:
14.8% of people ($23,834/family of 4) = poverty level
33.4% of people ($47,668/family of 4) live at 200% of poverty!
28.5% – people with disabilities
21.1% – children under the age of 18

Think about that.  33.4% – or literally 1 in every 3 people in the USA – are living at 200% of poverty level or below.  While these are large, sobering and very real numbers, the good news is this:

Our money life does NOT have be a raging river!  

As beloved Grandpa Fred so wisely shared with me, in the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins…not through strength, but through persistence.

So…I had the power.

The power to shape the course of my (and my family’s) money river…with small, deliberate and persistent 1 Hour Impact collage logo 2 with frame and tagline and wordssteps, taken daily.  With steadfast love from Grandpa Fred and many friends and family, my husband and I did just that. 1 hour and 1 day at a time…successfully for 19 years and counting!

You too, have the power…

The power to change the course of your money life.  Like the river, your course will not be reshaped overnight, but with small, simple, deliberate and effective spending and saving steps, your money life can be transformed to that warm and peaceful brook, gently floating and nourishing you and your family for life.

Let us show you how simple it is…1 step, 1 tool and 1 hour (or less) at a time – with 1 Hour Impact!

To your LIFELONG financial wellness,


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