Hi!  I’m Debbie!

Deborah Todd, CPA, CTP, CGMA, CFEI
CEO of iCompass Compliance Solutions, LLC
Issuer 2 Issuer.com and 1 Hour Impact

One of the biggest complaints we hear is that self-help tools and DIY courses simply do not work.  Of course they don’t.  If you understood what they said and how those tools worked, you probably wouldn’t need them in the first place right?  Yep!  Well, you can toss all those DIY money and budget books that just confuse and frustrate you to no end right out the window.

Guided, caring help is just 1 step, 1 tool and 1 Hour away…

So, who is Debbie Todd?


Deb at work with 3 screens

Debbie in her element with 3 monitors going… major geek!

Your very own licensed CPA and “Money Stewardship LifePlan Guide”…here at your fingertips – every step of the way!

Years ago, when Debbie was in college, her “mentor granddad” shared that success and happiness was not really about climbing the corporate ladder.

It meant giving to others – giving of our knowledge, and encouraging others to grow so they can achieve their dreams by realizing more fulfilling opportunities.  (You will hear more about Grandpa Fred and Debbie’s personal story later!)

So, that is why we are here….

In the Spring of 2013, Debbie left her governmental career and finally followed her true passion – opening a boutique CPA Firm called iCompass Compliance Solutions, LLC and 1 Hour Impact in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – in Washington State.

1 Hour Impact is intended to be a step-by-step guided legacy of help, hope and oh yeah….all snuggled together with caring, yet expert accountability and action.


Debbie, affectionately known as “the spunky CPA,” graduated with high honors from Central Washington University, earning dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting/Economics and Business Administration/Finance.  Holding a valid WA State CPA License since 1999, she earned her CTP certification in 2007, the CGMA designation in 2012 and her CFEI certification in 2015.  Yeah, that’s a lot of letters – but hey, they are all about $$! 

So, that’s all the formal qualifications…but it’s really Debbie’s heart-passion and integrity to help families end their constant pain and struggle with money that fuels the magic behind 1 Hour Impact.

If you would like to learn about Debbie’s passion and extensive background in helping others learn about money from a more real and personal level, click here!

Also, if you are curious about Debbie’s formal background and professional career experience, click here!

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